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"Technical assistance for MASOPHRD in the evaluation process of projects submitted to SOPHRD"

Contract number: SOPHRD/7/7.1/AT/22

Partners: ARUP and AVENSA

Implementation period : November 2011 – December 2012

Contract objectives

The project will provide assistance to the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection - The Managing Authority for Sector Operational Programme Human Resources Development in the proper management of funds assigned in the 2007-2013 SOPHRD by providing a qualified and transparent evaluation process and selection of mature proposals that meet operational objectives established.


The scope of services is a precise and in term execution, in collaboration with and under the guidance of MASOPHRD, of the activities mentioned in the terms of reference, for the evaluation and selection of projects submitted to SOPHRD, by assuring specialized expertise in the following activities:

administrative conformity and eligibility verification for the projects proposals;

technical and economical evaluation for projects proposals received in the calls launched by MASOPHRD, and Intermediary Organisms for SOPHRD, starting with 2011;

recommendations for MASOPHRD regarding problems that may appear during evaluation process, in order to improve the evaluation process from the management authority level.


The results provided to be obtained from the Provider are:

high capacity of MASOPHRD to finalize the selection and evaluation process of projects submitted in the project proposal calls in SOPHRD, launched starting with 2011;

administrative conformity and eligibility verification of minimum 8000 applications for financing sent trough Actionweb system;

technical and financial evaluation of a number of 8000 applications for financing sent trough Actionweb system;

recommendations sent to the Management Authority regarding problems that may appear in the evaluation process in order to improve the evaluation process from the management authority level.

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Objectives, scope and results

Beneficiary : MASOPHRD

Financer: European Social Fund and the Romanian Government

Calls for project proposals under evaluation:

» 116-122

If you want to be involved in the project implementation, please complete the Registration Form in BADI and participate in the selection process.
We address to the following categories of expert evaluators:
- technical experts, financial experts, legal experts, teachers, trainers, researchers, social workers, consultants, human resources inspectors, horizontal themes experts (sustainable development and equality of chances).
The selection process for expert evaluators is carried in four phases:

Phase I – Register in BADI

Phase I requires to complete the " BADI register form " which includes sheet with personal data. The evaluation criteria for independent evaluator expert position in this phase are the following:


Studies: please upload diplomas, certificates, licences, etc that prove the studies declared.
Please upload the additional documents from the License and postgraduate courses.
Important: On the uploaded documents must appear the marks / grades obtained at the license exam and postgraduate exam/exams.

Expertise: Please upload diplomas, certificates, licenses, certificates, accreditations, etc., that certifies the completion of training / specialization / training.

Experience: please mark the appropriate box on your experience in all phases of projects:
training - writing - assessment - implementation - monitoring - ex-post monitoring.
The experience must be reflected in your CV.

Performance:please upload:
recommendations from the employer / employers and / or recommendations from the beneficiary / beneficiaries.

Phase I – Register in BADI

The interview

Will take place at ARUP Bucharest headquarters based on individual appointment made by you at the phone number 0312253419.
The evaluation criteria for independent evaluator expert in this phase are: results orientation, flexibility, decisional capacity, effectiveness in relationships and motivation in the project.

Phase II – The interview

The test

Experts who wish to evaluate funding requests Phase B must pass an assessment test of the application. The test is organized by MASOPHRD and the expert is asked to present at the MASOPHRD with a personal laptop with proper access to the Internet. Experts will receive from us a previous appointment.

Phase III - The Test

MASOPHRD approval

Based on the results obtained at the evaluation Phase I and Phase II, the project partners ARUP and AVENSA will forward a list of experts to MASOPHRD for the final approval. Once approved by SOPHRD, the experts become independent evaluator experts, entitled to work in this project.

Phase IV – MASOPHRD approval
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